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Marsha Brown Home
Marsha Brown Home

After years in the restaurant business, Marsha Brown (yes, there is a Marsha Brown) decided it was time for the divine flavors and bold personality of her Louisiana upbringing to ascend north of the Mason-Dixon line. Her idea was to create a refined Creole Kitchen & Loungethat made the authentic taste and charm of New Orleans available– A place that was an extension of her own dining room, where she could share her family’s most cherished recipes.

Thus, Marsha Brown (the restaurant) opened. She conceived this labor of love as a sophisticated, yet friendly, southern fine dining venue that offers the highest quality of fish, meats and fowl prepared with simple decadence, relaxed yet elegant surroundings, and understated Southern hospitality.

An environment where souls are moved into peace and comfort through selected textures, quiet colors and engaging hospitality. A refuge where our character is habitually displayed through small courtesies and considerations that make our guests feel special and treasured. A commitment to seek and acquire premium products which will amuse all five senses. A place to which you’ll long to return.

If we should fail to exceed your expectations…please, tell us.

If you have met Marsha Brown you needn’t read this section. Because a five minute encounter means you know her well. Marsha Brown achieved success as the owner of several fine dining establishments in the Northeast Corridor. But her warm personality is the result of her roots, which are firmly planted in the South, specifically, New Orleans, which is renowned for its distinctive Creole fare. Marsha Brown was raised and educated in Louisiana, where she turned her love of Southern cuisine into a fulltime job.

Throughout her 20 years in the restaurant business, Marsha Brown has traveled extensively throughout the United States and the world to trace the influences of fine Southern dining. Marsha Brown (the restaurant) marks the resurrection of Marsha’s New Orleans culinary roots. The menu, the décor and the subtle courtesies of Southern hospitality are all a product of Marsha Brown’s desire to blend the best qualities of American regional cuisine with Southern influences.